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Project description

Landscape organization of the whole territory Landscape organization of the whole area emphasizes the beautiful scenery. In addition, it has individual typical plant elements of the French formal garden. The conceptual idea of the architectural-planning decision is the maximum use of changes of relief and formation of water elements for various functional purposes both in an entrance zone and in the central part of a site.

Hedgerows and arrays of both geometric and free formation were used in the zoning of the territory. By functioning of such small architectural forms as a summer house, pathway near the reservoir, and wooden pergola constructions, the zoning of the territory is emphasized. Moreover, mirror and sculptural elements were used to highlight the exclusivity of this site.

Main tasks

The purpose of designing the landscape organization of the territory on this Site was to fit buildings of different functional purposes into the existing landscape. Using relief differences, form an architectural and planning solution of landscape character with the conciseness of shapes and colors. And last but not least goal is to maintain the architectural style of a residential building with elements of landscape architecture.

The entrance area is formed with the use of small architectural forms that emphasize the architectural style of buildings. Plant compositions in this area have a more pronounced geometric formation than in other areas. The guest house with the surrounding area is zoned into a local independent area.

The main territory for relaxing is the area of a residential building with a multi-level waterfall and ponds, which is the central element of the planning decision in this zone. Plitvice Lakes in Croatia are the basis of this project. The relief capability allowed the stepped model design of the water structure. The residential building is fully focused on ponds and their surroundings' scenery.

The summer house is located near the coastline and partly over the lower pool. Being a viewing area of different levels of the territory, it complements the relaxing area near the water. The concept of dendrology maintains landscape with limited use of shapes and colors. The shades of green and lilac-white dominate in the landscape.