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Kyiv region_Bilogorodka

Project description

Including typical plant elements of the French formal garden (trimmed forms of plants and hedges), the landscape organization was intended to highlight sceneries. The lower level is the area around the residential building, which includes the entrance area, the main places of rest, and the fruit and vegetable garden.

Main tasks

To divide the territory in stylistic directions according to the possibilities of relief for forming two large zones on different levels and directions of design. To create a quiet and active place of rest for all family members.

Each level of landscape architectural elements conforms to the chosen stylistics. Sculptural elements made of bronze play an important role in the formation of the landscape. During composing and placing plant groups, the seasonality of plants is an essential part of maximizing its decorative effect in this project.

Part of the house with the pool has a separate area with a platform in the form of a chessboard and a combination of paving and lawn. This method of road cover formation is used in the aqua zone and platform with pergola.

The pathway passes through all areas of the site. The main focus element in this area is a mixborder that is formed for a full view.