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Stages to achieve the goal


The planning the landscape territory organization will allow you to organize and successfully carry out a full range of landscaping and gardening. Having a ready-made Project planning, you will be able to better calculate the financial and temporary costs for its implementation.

The planning of the landscape territory organization includes the following plans and blueprints:

  • Reference plan;
  • Master plan of proposals for design of landscape architecture elements;
  • 3D visualization of the landscape and landscape architecture elements;
  • Vegetation layout;
  • Breakdown drawing;
  • Planting blueprint + detailing individual sites (if necessary);
  • Vertical layout;
  • Earthwork planning (if necessary);
  • Recommendations for the care of greenery.


Landscaping of the territory includes a large and diverse amount of work. We offer preparation and cleaning of the territory, soil cultivation, and relief geoplastics; tracing of the road network and creation of engineering structures; creation of SAF (small architectural forms); construction of water structures (natural and decorative water bodies, waterfalls, fountains); drainage and irrigation systems, and outdoor lighting.


Gardening of the territory is a complex work with greenery. We do a dendrological and phytopathological survey of plantations and care; structure of woody-shrub massifs, group and row plantings; vertical gardening; creation of flower beds, mixborders, and alpinariums, construction of lawns (ordinary, parterre, moorish, meadow, roll).

Territory maintenance

Territory maintenance is an essential factor in achieving the result of the project when the landscaping and gardening are completed. After 2-3 years of regular complex care of the greenery and lawn the result of decorative effect in the garden begins to be seen, the full design picture is achieved in 7-8 years. Regular and comprehensive care is the guarantee of aesthetic appearance following the design and preservation of the greenery and lawns health. Territory maintenance includes the list of the following necessary works for your beautiful greenery and lawn.

Style, exclusivity and successful dialogue between the client, the designer and the landscape are the aspirations of our team.