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Project description

The main area for landscaping is located in front of the main entrance to the bank along the street, which has a longitudinal slope of 10%. The planning decision of green zones does not change the existing relief of the territory.

The conceptual idea is based on the use of geometrically formed plant elements and their minimum species composition. The main accent shapes are hornbeam parallelepipeds that demarcate the space along with the building. The lines-fences of such medium shrubs as Berberis thunbergii and spherical shape Thuja occidentalis continue demarcation below the vertical. Boxwood cubes are additional molding elements located under the main vertical details.

Main task

To create a minimalist design in a businesslike and strict manner, which emphasizes the institution, and to combine building architecture and landscaping into a single composition.

The area at the central entrance is decorated with symmetrically arranged flower beds with geometric shapes of coniferous plantations, which highlight the direction of the entrance. The basic color range is strictly limited to shades of green and purple. Taking into account the functional assignments of individual zones, the internal territory of the institution is formed by our professional team. Gardening is made as a landscape design option with the scenery. In the evening, the architectural lighting of the building together with the lighting of plant elements give a new sound to the architectural and landscape ensemble.