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Project description

Our professionals highlighted beautiful scenery by planning the landscape territory organization. In addition, the landscape includes typical elements of the French formal garden. Following new conceptual solutions, a major reorganization of 2/3 of the land resulted in small changes in the relief and transplantation of 95% of the available plant material.

Main tasks

The main tasks are: to carry out a fundamental landscape reconstruction of 2/3 of the territory with the presence of the formed road network and existing plantings; to conduct landscape design planning in the new territory, which is 1/3 of the site; to maintain the overall conceptual integrity of the territory by forming a landscape harmonious atmosphere around architectural structures with separate French formal garden elements and, additionally, add the areas in a different stylistic direction than the main; plan the dynamic aspect of plant compositions.

Decorative architectural and sculptural accents were used to give individuality to the site, highlight individual functional and decorative features. This implies giving great expressiveness to individual points of view and areas in the formed landscape atmosphere around architectural structures.

Zoning of the territory is accentuated by the location of small architectural forms of various functionality: a multifunctional gazebo, wooden pergolas and arches. Modern decorative details – corten framed mirror and lighting elements enhance the visual effects in the landscape and add exclusivity to the landscape design.