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Project description

Architectural and planning solution is in showing the movement of elements down and at the same time deep into the site gives the opportunity to feel the vertical of the territory and the novelty of each pleasant scenery.

The formed platforms have the main purposes in their functions and zoning. The entrance zone is parking and the central entrance to the house. The outdoor activity zone is a sauna and barbecue. The relaxation zone is the lowest platform.

Main tasks

The purpose of planning the landscape organization of the territory on this Site was to carry out the zoning correctly, creatively use the 5-meter difference of relief, and create a naturalness of greenery and natural atmosphere.

Large wooden elements are offered with a neat form of crony to maintain vertical structures and smooth relief changes. Medium and small greenery are formed in scenery landscape style.

Compositional solutions of plant groups have several main tasks: to emphasize the change of zone, sometimes closing the view into the deep areas of the territory in the entrance zone; to enhance the scenery effect for engineer components by retaining walls and fences; to break down the strictness of buildings' architecture.